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About Us

The Dominiricans

Dominiricans is a thematic restaurant specializing in Dominican and Puerto Rican food. It is the first and only one restaurant of its style in Foley, Al. The restaurant was born so that the culture of Latinos living outside the Caribbean are not lost. On the other hand, it also arises so that people who have never had the experience of having tasted Caribbean food have the opportunity to do so with a unique and incomparable flavor. Our main focus is to meet customers’ needs by providing quality in both service and food. 


Our mission is to offer a quality service and provide the Caribbean’s seasonings for our guests to feel at home. On the other hand, offer a unique experience for those who taste the Caribbean food for the first time. 


Our vision is to be recognized as the best Caribbean restaurant in the state for the unique flavor and season we offer at a reasonable price. Our values are: commitment, respect, honesty, transparency, empathy and loyalty.